Here’s our advice on how you can strengthen your offer on a home.

This market has been nothing short of chaos. All of our friends in the market have never seen anything like this. So today we wanted to share some strategies to help you get your offer accepted. Despite how crazy it is, you can get your offer accepted right now.

You can watch the full message above or navigate to topics that interest you with the timestamps provided below for your convenience:

0:49 — Make sure the loan is rock solid and remove the contingency

1:46 — The fewer contingencies, the better

2:34 — Handling the appraisal contingency

3:27 — A common misconception about low appraisals

5:26 — Low appraisals with low down payments

6:24 — There are more strategies than just having more money

7:05 — Shortening escrow

8:07 — Negotiating a leaseback

9:23 — Skipping mortgage payments

9:52 — Wrapping up

We know this was a very technical conversation, but we don’t expect you to be the experts; that’s why we’re here. Reach out to us, and we can help you navigate your specific situation. Also, if you have questions about this topic or anything else real estate-related, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to be of service.